made morbid is here!

These are a part of my made morbid series:

No matter how tired I am my legs seem to have a mind of there own.

flower power


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Flowers are always on my mind.

bright ideas


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I love being scared & have watched countless horror movies since I was a little girl. Hallows eve 2011 is but 10 days away.

flower head stone


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Keep on rolling.

cotton real spinning


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Last night we started my first solo photo-shoot for baby elephant. It has been a long process to get here & I am nervous, but very happy to be working on my own artistic ideas. I find it easy to help others & harder to do for myself.

Here are my ideas for old cotton reels used as dried flower pots, my folded fabric brooches & hair pins used as the flower garden. A baby deer that is about as cute as can be on my flat garden fabrics from my pile of found (vintage & repurposed) things. My newly made flowers this week are the beige nude silk (which was an Indian silk sari that I cut down) The bright yellow are from the same found lot & have converted really well.

Special thanks goes to ‘precious little sukura’ a beautiful friend to baby elephant who offers much opportunity for laughter, support, tells me the truth & challenges me often.

Special thanks goes to ‘little sumo’ a wonderful & very hard working husband who has helped workshop & illustrate the baby elephant brand, & who is a meticulous & creative photographer. little sumo is also fast becoming our technical support officer as he set up our wordpress pages. You get the biggest solid gold merit star EVER!

I am not looking for a cure to all that ails me, I just want to have a life legacy that includes creative purpose. Fingers crossed that a ‘made flower’ a day will help keep the doctor away…

I have been working on a new series, here is the extended label:

Photos to follow…

Flower Brooches

My latest batch of flower brooches are now displayed on ‘precious little sakura’ elephant pillow

Check out Precious Little Sakura at preciouslittlesakura.wordpress.com